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About Us

Toy Werkz believes strongly in the Montessori Method of Education developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori.

All children are naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning, but toys that are Montessori in nature are hard to find. As parents, there is always the concern of whether the toys are safe for our kids or if it's suitable for their age. With so many different toys to choose from, as parents, we get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to buy for our kids, which is why we do the sourcing for you and find the most suitable toys for you. Ideally, the toy should be safe, affordable, and durable, with some role in developing mental and physical skills. While plastic toys are varied and readily available, wooden toys are often overlooked. They have lots of benefits and easily compare to the bright, interactive plastic toys out there. 

Montessori toys allow the child to explore and develop their capabilities thru play. It will enable the kids to have control of their learning process, which results in the development of their intrinsic motivation to learn.


Why Wooden Toys?

Wood is a natural and aesthetic material that contains valuable information for your child. The feels changes according to the temperature, and it's weight also changes as the size of the object change. These provide sensorial value while playing and will add to their developmental experience as they explore the world around them. Woods are also highly durable and able to withstand years of play, even generations.


Are Wooden Toys Environmentally Sustainable?

Wooden toys can be very eco-friendly. We only source toys made from a sustainable plantation. Wood is a very durable material, and it will produce an overall smaller negative impact on the environment because it is meant to last longer and biodegradable. 


Is it Safe?

Wood is a natural substance, and a safer alternative to plastics or metal since children tend to stick everything in their mouth. Unlike plastic, wood does not breaks easily, leaving no sharp edges and small parts that may harm your little ones. At Toy Werkz, we also make sure the paints are water-based and non-toxic.


Toy Werkz is owned and operated by/under Baby Express Singapore Pte Ltd

Safe Toys

Tested and inspected according to international standard for quality assurance.

Envrionmental Friendly

Made from sustainable plantation wood. Recyclable and biodegradable.

Tracked Delivery

Items are tracked from our warehouse to you to ensure you will always receive your item.